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The book of Acts for Today
Explore the life and faith of the Christians in this book of the Bible. You won't be disappointed!

ABOUT Larry Lichtenwalter

Larry Lichtenwalter, Ph.D. served as Dean of Philosophy and Theology and Director of the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Studies at the Middle East University in Beirut, Lebanon and was recently appointed president of the university. His passion for souls and his memorization of Scripture is demonstrated in his speaking and in his books: Well-Driven Nails; Out of the Pit: Joseph's Story and Yours; Behind the Seen: God's Hand in Esther's Life and Yours; Wrestling with Angels: In the Grip of Jacob's God; and David: A Heart Like His, The Shepherd Years.


1. Thirty Years That Changed the World

2. Wake Up Dead Man

3. King Size or Momentary Trend?

4. Drawing Down the Fire

5. Looking Back, Looking Back, Looking Around, Looking Up

6. Where’s Waldo? The Giveaway Details

7. Resurrection F.R.I.E.N.D.S

8. Anything for Jesus

9. The Nickname Generator

10. Songs from the Darkness

11. The Word of Grace

12. Freshing and Refreshing

13. Filling Up, Running Dry, Filling Up….

14. Knocking Heads, Locking Hearts

15. Scandals, Loopholes, and the Last Best Word

16. Here, There, Everywhere

17. Who Likes a Dropout?

18. Out in Front, Bound in the Spirit

19. Put in the Right Spot

20. Plain? or with the Little Man?

21. Logo Power for a Crisis Hour


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