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Effective communication has always been a necessary component of strong interpersonal relationships and yet has proven to be a struggle for us as a people. Have we been mislead into thinking that we can have healthy relationships through networking?  Can we actually have an online community?  Is it possible for any kind of media to change the way we think and act and shape the mind as well as the brain?  This series may be an "eye-opener" to a better understanding of social media--its distractions and spiritual implications.
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ABOUT-- Christian Berdahl

Founder-Director of Shepherd's Call Ministry who experienced a miraculous journey from childhood abuse to personal ardor for the Lord in Ministry. He loves to sing for the Lord bringing joy and refreshing from the Lord through his heartfelt, worshipful arrangements. His recent production, The Distraction Dilemma, exposes the dangers in music that distract the Christian from his Maker.


1. Tech Transformation – Part I

2. Tech Transformation – Part II

3. Tech Transformation – Part III

4. Tech Transformation – Part IV

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