Paul S. Ratsara


"When men are as devoted as Elijah was and possess the faith that he had, God will reveal Himself as He did then. When men plead with the Lord as did Jacob, the results that were seen then will again be seen. Power will come from God in answer to the prayer of faith." GW 255

"I asked the angel why there was no more faith and power in Israel. He said. 'Ye let go of the arm of the Lord too soon. Press your petitions to the throne, and hold on by strong faith. The promises are sure. Believe ye receive the things ye ask for, and ye shall have them.'" EW 73
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ABOUT-- Paul S. Ratsara

Paul S. Ratsara, the former President of the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church now serves as a pastor in South Africa. He was one of the speakers at the General Conference World Session in Toronto, Canada, and also at the Sixth World Conference of the International Religious Liberty Association. Pastor Ratsara, a convert to Seventh-day Adventism, has a passion for souls and has implemented a pilot program on church growth in his division that is highly successful using only the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy as inspired resources.


1. No Power, Why?
2. It Is Not Appreciated As It Should Be
3. The Power of God
4. Regaining Power by Total Surrender
5. Increase Our Faith
6. Declare the Lord!

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