Fernando Canale


2020 Michigan Campmeeting presentations by Fernando Canale. These messages will explore the unity of the Seventh-day Adventist church from the prospective of denominational history as well as the broader context of other theological systems.
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ABOUT-- Fernando Canale

Fernando L. Canale, Ph.D. professor emeritus, served Andrews University as professor of theology and philosophy for twenty-eight years (1985–2013). During his retirement he remains active in research, advising doctoral students, and overseeing the Adventist Sola Scriptura Research Group. He has published numerous articles and several books, including Toward a Criticism of Theological Reason, Back to Revelation-Inspiration, Cognitive Principles of Christian Theology, Creation, Evolution and Theology, Basic Elements of Christian Theology, Vision and Mission, and Secular Adventism? He along with his wife, Mirta, of more than fifty years enjoy their family of two children and five grandchildren.


1. Unity? My Personal Testimony

2. Our Adventist Journey: From Unity to Division

3. On the Unity of the Church

4. From Division to Unity (Roman Catholic Ecumenism)

5. From Division to Unity (Sola Scriptura Ecumenism)

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