Randy Skeete


Get ready for a deep exploration of God's boundaries and the consequences for those who dare to suppress the truth in this powerful presentation from Randy Skeete. Uncover the revelation of God's wrath against truth suppressors and the warnings of potential strong delusions for those who persistently reject His truth. It's a high-stakes journey where embracing and living by the truth emerges as the ultimate key to avoiding God's wrath.
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ABOUT-- Randy Skeete

Randy Skeete, a graduate of the Andrews University Theological Seminary and a powerful preacher of the Word, has memorized large portions of Scripture and is known for his soul-searching presentations. After his position as Counselor/Director of Medical School Programs at the University of Michigan, he served in the Campus Ministries Department of the Michigan Conference and also as associate speaker for American Christian Ministries. Randy is now fully self-supporting in his ministry, and is currently an international evangelist with most of his work done in Africa and Southeast Asia.


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