Ron Halvorsen Sr.


The thrilling conversion story of a former gang leader on Coney Island who was also a golden gloves boxing champion in New York City.  An amazing testimony that bears hearing over and over again until the power of our God is more fully understood. From a gang member in the 1950's to an evangelist who has baptized over 10,000 souls he reveals an omnipotent God--One Who is waiting for our response to the radical change He is able to make in our lives.
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ABOUT-- Ron Halvorsen, Sr.

Ron Halvorsen, Sr.,was raised in Brooklyn, New York, where he experienced the pain and poverty associated with inner city life. God used his life experiences to bring him out of the city to become a beloved pastor and successful evangelist. His personal style of presenting Jesus sparkles as he presents the Word of God. In his retirement, he has continued to speak passionately about his Saviour, Jesus Christ, who called him in his youth from New York City gang leadership to leading souls to the kingdom for Him until he passed to his rest on May 15, 2015.


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