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"In our speaking, our singing, and in all our spiritual exercises, we are to reveal that calmness and dignity and Godly fear that actuates every true child of God." 2SM 43 "It is through the Word--not feeling, not excitement--that we want to influence the people to obey the truth. On the platform of God's Word we can stand with safety." 3SM 375
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ABOUT-- Doug Baker

Doug Baker, D.Min., is a lifetime Seventh-day Adventist, and Professor of History and Religion at Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City. He has also served as a lay pastor of an Adventist congregation for eight years in Oklahoma and is the Director of Builders of Faith (, an online ministry that he and his wife Linda operate. Doug has an earned Doctorate of Ministry degree in Biblical Studies.


1. What is Worship and What is it For?

Discover a basic definition and meaning of biblical worship as it relates to the giving of extravagant honor, respect, and devotion to God with a sense of awe or humility that one is in the presence of an almighty God.

2. Obedience in Worship–Optional or Required?
Remembering that we are finite beings, should worship of an infinite God be left to our own discretion? Three biblical examples of false worship will be examined in this presentation.

3. Principles of True Worship
Discover basic standards based on God’s Word for public worship that include God-centered worship vs. believer-centered worship–all with the goal of pleasing our Maker.

4. Elements of True Worship
What does the Bible say about the two basic elements of worship–praise and proclamation? How important is the attitude of the worshipper?

5. Music in Worship–Just a Matter of Taste?
Consider the characteristics of appropriate music for public worship. Discover the effects of music and why music cannot be considered as “neutral.”

6. God’s End-Time Global Call to Worship
Learn more about the global call to worship through a study of the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14.

7. Answers to Your Questions


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