Cedric Vine


Issues in today's church are similar issues that the early church faced. This study of the book of Acts will reveal the model of early Christianity and its importance--especially as we face a secular narrative that is deconstructing Christianity.
In our calling to be a restoration movement we will rediscover and recover some of the truths that Jesus shared, for we are told, "The subjects that Jesus regarded as essential are the subjects that we are to urge home today." GW 313

ABOUT-- Cedric Vine

Cedric Vine, Ph.D is Associate Professor of New Testament at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Before coming to Andrews University, Cedric taught in the Department of Theological Studies at Newbold College (2008-2015). He has also served as a pastor in the north of England for nine years. He is married to Tserha and they have two boys, John and Mark.


1. The Genre and Plot of Acts

2. Diversity and Unity in the Early Chuarch

3. Acts and Early Christian Origins

4. The Gospel for the Hebrews

5. The Gospel for the Hellenists

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