Clifford Goldstein


How current events have set the stage for America's date with prophetic destiny!

With hard-hitting language and compelling facts, Clifford Goldstein tunes our ears to the Lamb-like Beast's fast-changing voice. The sound may startle you--certainly awaken us. It must! For the Day of the Dragon may be closer than any of us think.

Is the century-old message of a deceased church leader named Ellen White still relevant in light of today's rapid restructuring of the world's political powers? Or have her writings worn out their welcome in our thinking and become obsolete, narrow, and even embarrassing? This book is a powerful vindication, not only of the Spirit of Prophecy in general, but The Great Controversy in particular.

ABOUT Clifford Goldstein

Editor of the Adult Sabbath School Lesson publication. Known for his unique and inspirational presentations and publications.


Sane, sensible spiritual answers to the problems of our world today.
Part I
1. The Coming Great Controversy Embarrassment
2. New World Order
3. The New Rome
4. The Keys of This Blood
5. The Holy Alliance

Part II
6. The New Christian Right–Born Again?
7. New Right Nonsense!

Part III
8. HR 2797
9. The NDE Deception
10. Satan’s Consummate Deception
11. Trends

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