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Powerful personal Bible Studies empowered by the Holy Spirit. Detailed studies that will enlighten you, step-by-step, and help prepare you to meet Jesus Christ.
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ABOUT-- Emilio Knechtle

Emilio B. Knechtle served as the General Conference World-Wide Evangelist until his retirement in 1990. His ability to fluently speak five different languages made him a favored speaker in the US and abroad. Many were revived through his witness until he passed to his rest in March of 2006.


1. Jesus the Lord of Glory
2. God’s Love for Mankind
3. Sin and Deliverance
4. The Mystery of the Cross
5. The Wonderful and Inspired Word of God
6. The Mystery of the Trinity
7. The Controversy Between Christ and Satan
8. Stairway to Heaven
9. Christ in You, the Hope of Glory
10. The Imputed and Imparted Righteousness of Jesus
11. The Glorious Climax of the Plan of Redemption
12. Christ the Incarnation of His Teachings
13. Significant World Events of Great Magnitude
14. God’s Schedule of Events
15. World History Foretold by Symbolic Beasts
16. Law, Grace, and the Gospel are Partners
17. God Sends a Last Message of Mercy to Mankind
18. God’s Last Church on Earth: Laodicea
19. The Gift of the Spirit of Christ in the Spirit of Propehcy
20. The Cable of Faith
21. Christ in the Sabbath
22. Why Does Christendom Keep Sunday?
23. Christ’s Role in the Judgment
24. Christ Solves the Problem of Death
25. The Reformed Life
26. The Steward of God’s Treasure
27. The Holiest Covenant on Earth
28. Who Are Seventh-day Adventists? What Do They Believe?
29. Saved to Serve
30. No One Can Escape This Decision


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