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"The very last deception of Satan" within Adventism is the concerted effort to destroy her credibility as a true prophet of the Lord, and to create a "Satanic...hatred" against her writings. It is revealed that the "Satanic" efforts will war against her with an increased intensity in this end-time deception. (See 1SM48:3,4)

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ABOUT-- Roger Coon

Dr. Roger Coon has served his church for more than a half-century in numerous and varied leadership roles, including pastor, evangelist, teacher, author, and hospital chaplain among others. He is perhaps best-known for his work in theological education, having co-founded the Adventist Seminary of West Africa, and taught courses or served as guest lecturer on the campuses of 33 of the 87 institutions of higher education operated by Seventh-day Adventists worldwide. He also served as Associate Director of the White Estate for 12 years until his retirement in 1993. He continued to be a much-in-demand speaker at church gatherings until he passed away on February 2, 2011.


The Barrier of Seemingly-Absurd Statements From Science

Ellen White made some dozen-and-a-half statements in the area of the scientific that today seem peculiar, even preposterous, and totally “off-the-wall.” And a few that otherwise might have believed in her divine inspiration, upon discovering the evidence, sometimes helplessly throw up their hands, saying, “How could a true prophet say that?” This presentation deals with this barrier within the broader context of the Nature of Faith and the Danger of Doubt.

The Barrier of Alleged Plagiarist Practices

Many dismiss Ellen White’s claim to prophetic inspiration because of seeming evidence that she committed plagiarism, and then, allegedly, compounded her problem by reportedly denying it. In any responsible consideration of this problem, five issues must (and will) be examined: 1) The Definitional Problem, 2) The Biblical Problem, 3) The Legal Problem, 4) The Ethical/Moral Problem, and 5) The Practical Problem.

The Barrier of Her Employment of Literary Assistants

Some stumble over the fact that Ellen White employed a small paid staff of literary helpers. Why does a true prophet need such assistance, anyway? Were these helpers the real authors of her books? What were their specified duties? What two tasks were they forbidden ever to perform?

The Barrier of the Prophet’s Human Fallibility

Critics of Mrs. White dismiss her claim to the prophetic gift because she allegedly fails a crucial Biblical test of a prophet: fulfillment of prediction. Do a true prophet’s predictions always come to pass, 100% of the time? Does a true prophet ever make a mistake? Does a true prophet ever have to go back and change anything? In what particular way does God make the prophet’s word “more sure” (2 Peter 1:19) than the word of the non-prophet?

The Barrier of Alleged Duplicity

Some feel that Mrs. White failed the “integrity” test when she appeared not to practice that which she preached to others regarding vegetarianism. In what three categories of situations did Mrs. White sometimes depart, temporarily, from her habitual practice of vegetarianism, after 1863? How could she do this and still claim–truthfully–“I have not departed from those [health] principles. . .I have been a faithful health reformer”? (CD 489,490;9T159:1)


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