Willard Santee


With the Hollywood production of the movie "2012" and all the hype concerning the possible end of our world at the close of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012, we need to be reminded once again of what Jesus has to say about how our world will end.

You will find this two-part series a valuable reinforcement of God's Word. You will also see how the Mayan calendar and other related beliefs fit into the larger picture of last day events.

ABOUT-- Willard Santee

Willard Santee, a descendant of Hugenot ancestry and early Adventist history, carries on the tradition of his heritage as a man of faith and hope. As a descendant from a people who would rather die than go with the crowd, whether in the French Inquisition or under the subjugation of the King of England, Santee has taken a stand of faith against the liberal element of higher criticism that has been so prevalent since the early 90's. Pastor Santee served as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor for over 35 years before passing to his rest on February 7, 2015.


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