Morris Venden


"The Fairest of Ten Thousand, Altogether Lovely!"

Learn how Jesus treated others as contrasted by how He, the Son of God, was mistreated and rejected. You will be drawn to your Savior by these moving messages.

ABOUT Morris Venden

Morris Venden, as author, pastor, evangelist has pastored numerous college churches including Pacific Union College, Union College, and Southwestern Adventist University. In his retirement he was a speaker for the Voice of Prophecy Radio Broadcast before passing to his rest in 2012.


1. How Jesus Treated the Fearful
2. How Jesus Treated the Fallen
3. One thing Is Needful
4. How Jesus Treated the Money Changers
5. How Jesus Treated the Disabled
6. How Jesus Treated the “Saturday Keepers”
7. How Jesus Treated the “Outsiders”
8. How Jesus Treated the Brokenhearted
9. How Jesus Treated Known Sinners
10. How They Treated Jesus at Nazareth
11. How the Devils Treated Jesus
12. Jesus Rejected by the Spiritual Leaders
13. Following the Leaders into the Ditch
14. Jesus Accepted for Fellowship in Suffering
15. Jesus Accepted by the Non-Adventists
16. When Jesus Died before He Died
17. The Deeper Anguish of Jesus
18. How Jesus Treated the Widow
19. In Pilate’s Judgment Hall
20. The Way of the Cross
21. How They Treated Jesus at the Cross


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