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A window into the heart of God and His character relating to the Ten Commandments. More than a set of rules, God's law is a law of love.  Learn how the law is a mirror reflecting the true character of God, and why the law can be considered as a set of ten promises. Discover the shielding protection of the law that God provides against the deceptions of Satan.

ABOUT-- Dennis Page

Dennis Page, Assistant Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan. Dennis did not grow up in a Christian home, but God in His mercy did not leave him without the evidence of His love and care. Dennis is blessed with a wonderful wife and best friend, Melody, who shares with him the desire to tell others the good news of God’s transforming love. Dennis attended the Mission College of Evangelism and served Village church in the capacity of Bible Worker before being called to the position of Assistant Pastor.


1. Attention, Affections, and Affairs

2. Blind Man Sees in Color

3. Restore 10 Part I

4. Restore 10 – Part II

5. Promise Seeker

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