Leslie Hardinge


Studies in Revelation Chapters 1-11

Like the book of Daniel, the book of Revelation consists of apocalyptic prophecies couched in symbolism. It is a book of revelations unveiling Jesus Christ and what He is doing within the veil. Consider the special blessing promised those who read and study this book.

ABOUT Leslie Hardinge

Dr. Leslie Hardinge, M.A., M. Div., M.Th., Ph.D. was a lifelong pastor, teacher, and student of the scriptures. His first public sermon in 1933 dealt with the plan of salvation depicted in the Hebrew Sanctuary, and he investigated this and other vast and thrilling topics throughout his lifetime. Called to the Bible Department of Union College in 1947, he commenced his teaching ministry which was to span three and a half decades and three continents until his retirement after 50 years of service. Dr. Hardinge has authored more than a dozen books and lectured extensively on biblical topics in different parts of the world. He was active in writing and presenting seminars and lectures on Biblical topics. He joined the American Cassette Ministries (now American Christian Ministries) speaking staff in 1989 and passed to his rest in March of 2002.


1. Blessings on Those Who Read
2 Christ Holds the Key
3 Hear What the Spirit Says to the Churches – I
4 Hear What the Spirit Says to the Churches – II
5. Holy is the Law
6. Worthy is the Lamb
7. Thou Wilt Judge and Avenge, or Vindicate Our Blood
8. God’s Servants Sealed
9. Salvation from God
10. The Church in a Hostile World
11. Evil Forces Work Destruction
12. The Sweet Bitter Experience
13. The Kingdom of Our Lord


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