Dane Griffin


The angels in Heaven delight to praise the Lord! The Bible has much to tell us about the importance and power of praise. We need a revival of praise in our worship.

This is not worship driven by emotion, but worship filled with emotion--that deep, spiritual praise based on a knowledge of who God is. That is how His worship is to be conducted. Worship mingled with emotion helps settle us intellectually and spiritually into the truth so we cannot be moved. When this type of heartfelt emotion is mingled with our worship, the experience is solidified in our mind permeating our experience and helping us battle disease, depression, and doubt.

God seeks a people who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth, and the one is a balancer for the other. Truth keeps us from becoming too emotional and our emotions keep us excited about the truth! Don't miss this presentation!

ABOUT Dane Griffin

Dane was the assistant to the President of the Michigan Conference for Media Development. He studied the sanctuary for the past 20 years and presented seminars in New Zealand, England, and many locations in the US. His special passion was to make the sanctuary truths practical and meaningful for people today. He also conducted seminars on other topics including Bible prophecy and health. Dane was laid to rest from his labors on October 11, 2010.


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