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Discover the intrigue and interplay of Islam and Christianity from the rise of Islam in 600 A.D. to the final conflict as Dr. Peters unveils the role of the U.S., Israel, and the Papacy in this final conflict between Western Civilization (Christianity) and Islam. These presentations will help you understand a remarkable Bible prophecy in Daniel 11 and 12 concerning the King of the North and the King of the South. This is Bible prophecy made clear while providing confidence to face the future. Listen while Pastor John Peters unfolds the apocalyptic prophecies of Daniel and Revelation within the context of the Gospel story in a crystal clear way.

ABOUT John Peters

John Peters received a Ph.D. in Chemistry from UCLA in 1971 and following post-doctoral work, he worked in the aerospace industry for 15 years. A miracle of conversion took place in 1984 and seven years later John received an M.Div. at the Andrews University Theological Seminary. He is not only enamored with the message of Christ Our Righteousness, but he is also a speaker who presents prophecy and history in a crystal clear way. He is known for his commitment to biblical truths and their presentation without compromise--all within the context of the Gospel story. Pastor John has retired from the ministry after serving most recently as a pastor in the Pennsylvania Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.


1. Islam and Christianity – The Basics
This study shows how history demonstrates the accuracy of the Daniel 11 prophecy for over 2000 years including what to expect next that will greatly impact our lives.

2. The King of the North and the Little Horn Anti-Christ Beast
This presentation compares the parallel lines of prophecy in Daniel and Revelation revealing the identity and role of the Anti-Christ beast in the coming conflict.

3. The Role of the U.S. in the Coming Conflict
The U.S. in Bible prophecy revealed in symbolic language is examined as to its end-time role.

4. The Role of Israel in the Coming Conflict
This study from the New and Old Testaments may surprise you as the role of Israel in the final conflict is discovered.

5. The Role of Islam in the Coming Conflict
This presentation shows that God has predicted three major periods of conflict between Islam and Christianity. Two have already occurred and the last one is just beginning. Listen for the explanation of why God has allowed these conflicts.

6. Tidings from the East and the Mark of the Beast
Which side will you choose?

7. When Michael Stands Up
This presentation focuses on the most overlooked meaning of Michael’s standing up.

8. The Worst Ever Time of Trouble
A study that focuses on the tribulation/plagues that follow the coming Islamic-Christian conflict.

9. Jesus Rescues His People
A presentation describing the return of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection.

10. The Millennium and the New Earth
Using the two resurrections of Daniel 12 as a starting point, study the timing of the millennium.


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