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This series, a study in Galatians, revolves around how Jesus offers freedom from addictive behaviors and dysfunctions--from the sin in our lives. The return of Jesus is sooner than we think, and many of us are not ready because of the things in our lives that should not be there.

Discover what is keeping us from the spiritual passion that would allow God to work in our lives--to be born free instead of living as slaves to sin.

ABOUT Larry Lichtenwalter

Larry Lichtenwalter, Ph.D. served as Dean of Philosophy and Theology and Director of the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Studies at the Middle East University in Beirut, Lebanon and was recently appointed president of the university. His passion for souls and his memorization of Scripture is demonstrated in his speaking and in his books: Well-Driven Nails; Out of the Pit: Joseph's Story and Yours; Behind the Seen: God's Hand in Esther's Life and Yours; Wrestling with Angels: In the Grip of Jacob's God; and David: A Heart Like His, The Shepherd Years.


1. Born Free – Living Slaves
The theme of the book of Galatians, being saved by grace alone, is ultimately how to live free. Learn how the list of practices that Paul condemns in Galatians 5:19-21 has to do with habits that hurt and things that enslave. Experience the liberating power of the gospel of grace and what it means in our lives, in our families, in our church. Join Paul and choose to be a living slave of Christ.

2. Under the Influence
Under what influence–which influence? Are you under the influence of the Holy Spirit or some other mind enhancing, mood altering substance? The bottom line involves our mind and the issue of self-control. Thus, the question, “Are we in control of our destiny?” Discover how the enemy is determined to enslave the minds of this end-time generation. Learn how you can find renewal through the Holy Spirit and an understanding of the times in which we live–the time to be preparing for His soon coming.

3. Fallen from Grace or Standing Free
The whole issue of the basis of salvation and the way in which assurance is given and maintained is something we must more fully understand. What have I done? What have I not done? On what basis do we actually experience a transformed life and freedom from sin? Find answers at the foot of the cross.

4. Real Spirituality and the Never Bored-Again Life
When confronted with moral values and issues, what do you say–what do you think in your mind? What do you say about the culture of the pursuits of our world and the moral defilement around us? What kind of chains are being bound around your soul by the enemy? Let’s begin with what God says and then remember who we are and how we are accountable. Yielding to the Spirit’s work of cleansing grace will set us free and bring us the gift of contentment and peace. What do you say? … I will be free in Jesus Christ!

5. Pew Rage and the Shadows of the Heart
Pew rage–does it happen in church? We can be angry with our leaders, with our spouses, with ourselves–even angry with God, and it displays itself in an uncooperative spirit. Discover what it means to act as free men, to act as bondmen of God–to find the freedom of being reconciled to God and to one another.

6. Can’t Buy Me Love or Eternity
Money connects with all areas of our existence, who we are, our priorities, the affections of our hearts. Is it possible to be slaves of finding meaning in life through the acquisition of things in this world? Let us consider how we should relate to the 90% of our means with whch God trusts us, and how we can be set free from the slavery of materialism. We can be free in Christ as He shows us how to find the freedom of contentment in Him rather than the slavery of things this world has to offer.

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