Jason Sliger


Living in a world of materialism and being consumed by its comforts and conveniences is a creeping compromise impacting our lives and that of our church. Consider 20 words found in the book of Matthew that will revolutionize your life along with a list of “take no thought” items. Learn how to reorganize your priorities and what it means to have “the patience of the saints” through these provocative presentations that will personally arouse you to courageous action.

ABOUT-- Jason Sliger

Jason Sliger has been blessed to spend his life in ministry, first as a Bible worker, then as an evangelist with Amazing Facts.Together, with his wife Midori, they traveled throughout the United States presenting Bible prophecy seminars for several years before God called them to pastor in the Michigan Conference. While pastoring, they were blessed with the birth of three precious children, Evangeline, Christian and Verity. “As a family, their desire to was to serve God where needed most, and God made it clear that He has called them to join Adventist Frontier Missions to reach the unreached with the gospel in Papua, New Guinea. We are excited to answer, ‘Here am I, send me.'"


1. Called to be Saints

2. Called to be Seekers

3. Called to be Courageous

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