Richard O'Ffill


Encouragement for one who carries the mix of burden and joy in shepherding the flock for whom he is responsible to his God.

ABOUT-- Richard O'Ffill

Pastor Richard O'Ffill was the Revivalist for the Florida Conference in Orlando, Florida. During his more than 35 years of ministry, he has served in Southern Asia, Latin America, as well as North America. He joined American Cassette Ministries (now American Christian Ministries) as an Associate Speaker in 1988. He also served as the seminar speaker at churches, camp meetings, and other events in the U.S. and abroad. Pastor O'Ffiill passed to his rest on July 29, 2020 awaiting the resurrection at the 2nd coming of His Lord.


1. The Devotional Life – Part I
2. The Devotional Life – Part II
3. The Devotional Life – Part III
4. The Devotional Life – Part IV
5. The Minister, His Personal Ethics – Part I
6. The Minister, His Personal Ethics – Part II
7. Some Current Issues – Part I
8. Some Current Issues – Part II
9. Renewed in the Spirit – Part I
10. Renewed in the Spirit – Part II


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