Morris Venden


     "God calls for men like Elijah...men who will bear His message with faithfulness, regardless of the consequences; men who will speak the truth bravely, though it call for the sacrifice of all they have...He calls for men who will do faithful battle against wrong." PK 142

     They are to "reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long-suffering." 2 Timothy 4:2
     Then, Well done, good and faithful servant;...enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." Matthew 25:23 


ABOUT Morris Venden

Morris Venden, as author, pastor, evangelist has pastored numerous college churches including Pacific Union College, Union College, and Southwestern Adventist University. In his retirement he was a speaker for the Voice of Prophecy Radio Broadcast before passing to his rest in 2012.


1. The Elijah People
2. The Elijah Message
3. The Mission of the Baptist
4. Elijah the Third
5. What’s New Since 1844? 
6. Laboring to Rest 
7. The Second Angel
8. No Rest for the Wicked
9. The Judgment of God
10. Living without Sinning
11. Overcoming Known Sin

Album of 6 Digitally Mastered CDs

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