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The Study of Ezekiel for Today.

This series will focus on God, how we view Him, experience Him, drive Him away, are called of Him, desperately need Him, must be transformed by Him, must repent and surrender to Him, must choose Him, and hope in Him.

Messages that revolve around spiritual life--how it dies, how it comes to life, how it is sustained--all in relation to God and His Holy Spirit.

ABOUT-- Larry Lichtenwalter

Larry Lichtenwalter, Ph.D. served as Dean of Philosophy and Theology and Director of the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Studies at the Middle East University in Beirut, Lebanon and was recently appointed president of the university. His passion for souls and his memorization of Scripture is demonstrated in his speaking and in his books: Well-Driven Nails; Out of the Pit: Joseph's Story and Yours; Behind the Seen: God's Hand in Esther's Life and Yours; Wrestling with Angels: In the Grip of Jacob's God; and David: A Heart Like His, The Shepherd Years.


1. When All That’s Left is Bones
We all know what happens when someone doesn’t breathe for a long time. But what are the things that we “breathe” that cause spiritual death and apostasy? Discover how the “dry bones” of our lives can live again.

2. Black Blizzards and the God-Forsaken
What does God reveal to us in the storms of life? We may be haunted by life’s memories that keep us from breathing, yet how does God relate to us? Discover who we really are, but more importantly, how “big” our God is.

3. Life Among Scorpions
Who and what are the scorpions in our lives? What does Ezekiel learn when God speaks? Discover how Ezekiel represents the role of the church in warning today’s world and how to listen when God speaks.

4. Street Theater Madness
Look for an explanation of God’s brutal honesty through the bazaar imagery used by Him to portray Israel’s apostasy. While prophets were known to act and speak erratically, Ezekiel takes all the Oscars. How do we communicate the message of God’s wrath to a lost and dying world, a message that sinners would much rather suppress than hear? Then learn how God displays His undying love.

5. Temple Exits
Ezekiel is transported in vision back to the temple of Jerusalem. Discover what he is shown and the extent of Israel’s apostasy. The causes of insensitivity to moral values is revealed. What does God extend to us in spite of our adulterous lives?

6. Takes our Breath Away
What are the things that might take your breath away? Could it be the “reality” of what sin is? Discover in this vision of Ezekiel why the abominations of His people caused sighing and groaning. Even though God’s protective care is removed, you will also learn how He provides an unbelievable way of escape.

7. The Foundling Infant–Moral Ebay
Discover how the radical allegory in Ezekiel 16 describes ancient Israel. What is the “heart” of this graphic story? The grace of God is lavished upon them, yet what is their response? Discover how God’s grace never shames us, but lifts us out of our shame.

8. Who Ate the Grapes
Allow Ezekiel to illustrate the reality embedded in our human forms of rationalization–the denial of personal liability and responsibility. Learn how God holds us accountable–not to crush us, but to give us help and hope. You will discover what it means for each of us that God is pro-life!

9. This Sign, This Generation
What do the failures of the different generations of Israelites have in common as you consider their history from Egypt up until Ezekiel’s time? Hear God’s invitation to their generation, to our generation–calling us to rise to the moral/spiritual reality to which God’s Sabbath points.

10. When Hopes Are Shattered
Where in our lives have we been wounded by our past? Where have we lost our strength? Do you find it hard to be at peace because of the consequences of our actions or the actions of others? Learn what it means to have a Shepherd. How will you respond to the discovery of One who continually calls and pursues?

11. Signing Up for the Transplant
God is in the heart-transplant work–not just prolonging life for eternity, but bringing real quality of life to be lived today. We cannot fix ourselves, but God in His grace has already planned how to restore us and make us whole again. Sign up today!

12. Behind It All
Ezekiel unfolds what may be the supreme illustration of pride and independence found in the Bible. When our hearts are lifted up and we become both proud and independent, discover how God candidly reminds us of who we are? Consider the grace that is available as we humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God.

13. Protected and Secure
It is the threat of all threats against the apparently helpless people of God! But no matter what the forces of evil may attempt, God is in control. God wins! Learn how the certainty of God’s victory should be a source of confidence for everyone of us as we face an uncertain world and the final showdown.

14. Swimming Lessons with God
Ezekiel gives us a swimming lesson that will blow your mind. He describes a river that defies normal multiplication, topography, crossing, and even death. It is living water flowing from the very throne of God. Learn of the possibilities of swimming in God’s river, possibilities that are miraculous and endless. Are you willing to take the plunge?

15. The Lord is There
After 48 chapters with hundreds of verses, bizarre imagery and mind-bending meanings, Ezekiel closes sharply with two profound words: “Yahweh Shamah” The Lord is there! Ezekiel has experienced God’s coming to His people, His leaving them, and then His returning to them. Now at the close, the hope of every believer is revealed–God’s presence. How can that be? When will it be? Can we be sure? Let the Ezekiel “finale” answer your questions.


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