Ron Kelly


"In efforts to reach God's ideal, the Christian is to despair of nothing. Moral and spiritual perfection, through the grace and power of Christ, is promised to all. Jesus is the source of power, the fountain of life, He brings us to His word, and from the tree of life presents to us leaves for the healing of sin-sick souls. He leads us to the throne of God, and puts into our mouth a prayer through which we are brought into close contact with Himself. In our behalf he sets in operation the all-powerful agencies of heaven. At every step we touch His living power." AA 478

ABOUT Ron Kelly

Ron Kelly is the senior pastor of the Village Seventh-day Adventist Church in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Previous to his ministry in Michigan, Pastor Kelly served as the senior pastor in Cicero, Indiana, adjacent to Indiana Academy for nearly 20 years. He enjoys sharing the Word of God and assisting in mission trips.


1. The Healing Wound
In the shadow of the cross, discover the mystery of mercy resisted, received and refused.

2. The Healing Touch
In the shadow of the cross, consider the “infection” that meets “affection.”

3. The Healing Word
In the shadow of the cross, discover the “root” and the “fruit” and the mystery of the “Fountain.”

4. The Healing Hand
In the shadow of the cross, experience God’s “hand of heartache” that embraces our suffering.

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